Colonizing Polynesia. Rapa Nui: extreme survival

The exhibition 'Colonizing Polynesia. Rapa Nui: extreme survival ' brings together two great exhibits dedicated to the navigation and discovery of the Pacific Islands, culminating in the history of Easter Island.


'Colonizing Polynesia' transports us to the Pacific Ocean, the largest body of water on the planet. There you will discover how the Polynesians managed to colonize this immense space, literally against wind and tide, thus realizing one of the greatest feats of discovery of the human being.


‘Rapa Nui: extreme survival’ is an exhibition developed by the “Mata Ki Te Rangi” Foundation (Easter Island) with the aim of raising awareness of one of the most amazing stories in the world: the achievements of a Polynesian society which for more than 1000 years developed a spectacular culture in the distant and small Rapa Nui. Furthermore, this society had to face their survival in complete isolation, and in an extremely poor environment as a direct result of human action.

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