Poison Garden

This interesting natural scene, beside the park's footpaths, is unusual in that it houses over seventy poisonous plant species from around the world. It is therefore a unique exhibition in the Canary Islands, which contains some of the world's most dangerous plants in its 1.500 m2. Thus, the POISON GARDEN, apart from being conceived in order to promote knowledge, conservation and enjoyment of a rather different botanical collection, also aims, from a playful point of view, to educate and raise awareness about the danger to mankind of the poisons present in the plant world.

The POISON GARDEN has attractive signs and information panels in its entire area. This additional material explains legendary myths and legends about poison, gives an introduction to the medicinal uses of some species, informs of the strength of the poison and the geographical origin of each of the botanical specimens and identifies in situ the plants that are considered to be most dangerous.

Designed for all ages, the POISON GARDEN is an attractive place to be enjoyed en famille. Children and adults can begin to learn about poisonous plants in a pleasant way. For this reason, this living museum offers many options to school parties or students, including gardening enthusiasts and lovers of botany and pharmacology who can explore, in an atmosphere of calmness, interesting aspects of nature in her most lethal guise.

The POISON GARDEN is, in a nutshell, a green space with a clear natural appeal, not only due to its trees and palms, bushes, grasses, shrubs and aquatic plant species, but also due to its informative and educational aspect, as well as to contributing to the conservation and sustainability of the environment.

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