The “School of Voyagers Thor Heyerdahl” was a Conference event organised by the University of La Laguna, in collaboration with Pirámides de Güímar. The philosophy behind the “School of Voyagers Thor Heyerdahl” was to show that any person can live an adventure and learn from a voyage, because the trip is much more than just the distance travelled or the final destination reached. The voyage is the attitude, the means of travelling, the obstacles overcome and the experiences lived whilst travelling to places that are distant or hard to reach. That is why this yearly conference, which celebrated twelve editions, took the name of the Norwegian anthropologist, due to the relationship these lectures shared with Heyerdahl’s career.

This conference event has counted throughout its twelve editions with many notable lecturers and interesting presentations, in which our guests have shared the experiences obtained in journeys to the most extraordinary locations, bringing us close to very different realities, not just geographically speaking, but also from the most diverse human perspectives.

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