Pa Jakt efter Paradiset,1938

The Kon-Tiki Expedition, 1948

American Indians in the Pacific: the Theory behind the Kon-Tiki Expedition, 1952

Archaeological Evidence of pre-Spanish Visits to the Galapagos Islands (with A. Skjölsvold), 1956

Aku-Aku: the Secrets of Easter Island and the East Pacific (with E.N. Ferdon, B.Mulloy, A. Skjölsvold and C.S. Smith) Vol. I:The Archaeology of Easter Island,1961. Vol. II: Miscellaneous Papers, 1965

Sea Routes to Polynesia, 1968

The Ra Expeditions, 1970

Fatu-Hiva: Back to Nature, 1974

Art of Easter Island, 1975

Zwischen den Kontinenten, 1975

Early Man and the Ocean, 1978

The Tigris Expedition,1980

The Maldive Mystery, 1986

Easter Island: A Mystery Solved, 1989

Pyramids of Tucume: The Quest for Peru’s Forgotten City, 1995

Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day, 1996

La Navegación Marítima en el Antiguo Perú / Seafaring in Ancient Peru (bilingual) 1996

Let the Conquered Speak, 1997

I Adams Fotspor, 1998

Ingen Grenser, 1999 (with Per Lillieström)

Jakten pa Odin, 2001 (with Per Lillieström)


The Kon-Tiki Expedition (Oscar in 1951 from the National Academic Motion Pictures Arts & Science)

Galapagos Expedition, 1953

Aku-Aku, 1957

The Ra Expeditions (Oscar nomination in 1971)

The Tigris Expedition, 1979

The Maldive Mystery, 1986


Señor Kon-Tiki, by Arnold Jacoby 1965

The Kon-Tiki Man, by Christopher Ralling 1990

Thor Heyerdahl, the Explorer, by Snorre Evensbergert, 1994

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